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WHOLESALE Natural JEWELRY :  Wholesale WOOD EARRINGS,  Wholesale Bone Jewelry, wholesale Tribal Earrings and CARVED JEWELRY...

Organic Body Jewelry

For wholesale organic jewelry and wholesale wood earrings shop and and distributer pricing and customer number access codes, please contact us with your business information. We accept exchanges of unsold jewelry within a 6 month period.

required information:

1) business name : 

2) website address (if any) :

3) Buyer name and contact information :

4) brief description of business :

5) physical address :

6) mailing address :

7) email address :

8) (optional) list your desires for merchandising and type of customer base and approximate percentage of jewelry stocked in your shop, and we can make suggestions for starting packages that will best meet your business needs and desires of your shoppers :

Our minimum order starts at only $200.

second level pricing starts at $400

best pricing rate starts at $7000

Email to: