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GARUDA : Organic Jewelry
HANDMADE JEWELRY : wood earrings, gauged earrings, fake gauges, beaded bracelets, feather earrings, wooden jewelry :  BOHEMIAN JEWELRY

Beaded Bracelets and Cuffs, Sterling Silver Earrings, Necklaces, Pendants and Amulets, Mayan Astrology Glyphs, ShivaLingam Stones

GARUDA Organic Earrings : amazingly handmade Wooden Earrings and beautifully crafted organic jewelry and wooden jewelry.

Organic Body Jewelry
wood earrings

Tribal Earrings, Fake Gauges, Tribal Fake Gauge Earrings, Body Jewelry, Gauged Earrings, Organic Jewelry, Ear Gauges

tribal silver earrings
beaded bracelets


Organic Earrings, Wood Earrings, Black Earrings, Feather Earrings, Mens Earrings, bone jewelry, wood jewelry

Fair-Trade & Eco-friendly Wood Jewelry
Organic Jewelry & Carved Wooden Earrings​

wood earrings
tribal earrings


Western Bohemian Organic Earrings.
Handcrafted boho-chic unique wood earrings and bohemian jewelry made of natural, exotic and organic materials, created with care by Western Bohemian and GARUDA.  
Each piece is handmade by skilled artisans whose family tradition has been carving and crafting for hundreds of years.  

Wholesale pricing available. 

Western Bohemian  : amazing handmade Wood Earrings : Organic Jewelry, & Sterling Silver earrings, pendants, gauged earrings & body jewelry. Tribal Earrings and gauged jewelry.

Hand Carved Gauged Wooden Earrings : Gauged Earrings, Stretchers : tribal style  ear gauges, and Organic Wood Body Jewelry. gauge size 00g, 0g, 2g, 4g, 6g, 8g, 10g, 12g.

Modern Hipster Style Ethnic Gothic Folk and Tribal earrings and Piercing Jewelry. Organic Body Jewelry & Wooden Earrings : Intricate Wood Hanging Earrings.

For regular piercings and stretched ear lobes. Organic Earrings : Handmade Wood jewelry, wood earrings, organic gauged earrings,  body jewelry, fake gauges, bead cuff bracelets, organic gauges, tribal fake gauge earrings, fake gauges & tribal earrings. 

Modern Western bohemian jewelry and wooden earrings. sizes: regular piercing to gauged earrings sizes

All of our organic, natural and wood jewelry and wood earrings are Fair-trade, handmade by highly skilled traditional artisans. 
Our Eco-Friendly organic and natural jewelry is made with materials that are responsibly harvested. We work directly with the craftspeople to ensure the utmost in quality and satisfaction. By purchasing Western Bohemian jewelry you are supporting traditional arts and culture, helping the craftsmen and their families have healthy and quality lives.

GARUDA: a bird-like animal of mythic strength, the guardian of the Water of Life, famous in South-East Asian philosophy. Garuda is a warrior, a protector, and a chariot of the gods. You can find Garuda in the sacred statuary in many temples, palaces and shines dedicated to the spirits of the earth and the ancestral heroes.

The piercing and stretching of the ears is a time honored tribal tradition practiced by many cultures across the globe for centuries. 

Lobe stretching is practiced by many people, including Animists, Buddhists, and other Indigenous cultures all over the World. This cultural practice has spread around the planet, and the people who practice it hold ear piercing and lobe stretching in ritual regard and as a rite of passage, mark of knowledge and method of beautification. In every human populated continent there has been in the past or is currently an indigenous community of people who use this form of adornment, and that probably includes you!

 Your purchase supports traditional crafts and families and is a choice to purchase jewelry produced in an environmentally responsible way.
By purchasing Western Bohemian organic jewelry and silver earrings you are supporting traditional crafts and the families that make them. All of our Organic Jewelry is hand carved, one piece at a time. Western Bohemian strives to provide quality, unique, hand-crafted Eco-friendly jewelry to satisfy the soul and beyond...  Our adornments and jewelry handcrafted by traditional people with natural materials.  Our materials are responsibly harvested and we support craft and culture, improving the quality of our artisans lives and providing jobs where there may otherwise be none. We work directly with the craftsmen to create our original designs in wood earrings and all of our  natural jewelry, and also include some traditional favorites.

    We stand behind the quality of our jewelry and the aesthetic of its design. If our jewelry fails you in any way, we will do what it takes to make it right.

enjoy your exotic nature...

 Western Bohemian Organic Wood Earrings and Leather Jewelry